Star Ratings for Existing Homes

Maximise your home efficiency

Star Ratings for Existing Homes

Maximise your home efficiency

How it Works

New to Tasmania

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard is Australia’s trusted energy and comfort rating program for existing homes, and is now available in Tasmania!

What is a Star Rating?

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard is a unique program that provides an energy efficiency star rating for your home. In the same way a fridge or washing machine has a star rating, a Scorecard rating shows how much energy is used throughout your home. Using this information, the strengths and weaknesses of your home are identified and recommendations for improvement are made.

Why Get a Star Rating?

There are many reasons to get an Energy Assessment and Star Rating. Look below to find yours.

Reduce Energy Bills

Electricity bills rising? Wondering where all that money is going? We can identify the problem areas in your home and provide expert advice to reduce those bills.

Increase Comfort

No one in Tasmania should suffer through winter. Through an energy assessment we can show you how you can have a warmer house.

Sell or Lease Your Home for More

The average home in Australia rates 3 out of 10 stars. If your home rates higher, it is likely to be more attractive to prospective buyers and renters.

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Help the world by reducing your home’s greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency improvements.

Make Better Renovation Decisions

Before spending significant money on double glazing, insulation upgrades or solar panels, get an energy assessment to see where best to spend your money. Every home is different.

Know What You’re Buying

What might seem like a good house, can cost you significant money in running costs and be uncomfortable to live in. Receive a pre-purchase inspection so you can buy with confidence.

How it Works


Book an energy assessment.


We come to your home and perform an assessment. This typically takes 2 hours.


We provide you with a detailed energy report of your home and an official Star Rating Certificate that is recognised Australia wide.

What Happens in an Energy Assessment?

During your assessment we will visit your home, discuss your goals and model your home taking into consideration:

  • Your home’s design, construction and orientation
  • Air leakage and ventilation
  • Insulation

  • Window systems
  • Fixed energy appliances
  • Renewable energy
  • Pools and Spas

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Scorecard Assessments.


Small Home


109m2 or less

Standard Home


110 – 220m2

Large and Complex



* Additional charges may apply for out of area.

What’s included:
  • 1-2hr Energy Assessment and consultation

  • Detailed Energy Report of your home
  • Recommendations to improve your energy efficiency and Star Rating
  • Official Star Rating Certificate that is recognised Australia wide

Why Choose Us?

A Tasmanian Business

  • Fully accredited and qualified
  • Independent and unbiased
  • Professional service at an affordable price
  • Scientifically based using CSIRO algorithms and data

  • Hobart based

About Us

Qualified Energy Efficiency Consultants

We are passionate about creating energy efficient homes. We have Government accreditation to assess new and existing homes and provide official star ratings that are recognised Australia wide.

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