Star Ratings for New Homes

Need a NatHERS Certificate for your new build?

Star Ratings for New Homes

Need a NatHERS Certificate for your new build?

How it Works


Send us your plans for a free quote and time estimate.


We model your home and generate a star rating. You will receive an energy report with recommendations to improve your rating.


We supply an official NatHERS Certificate and all other relevant documents for council

What We Provide

Whether your aim is to build a 9-star solar passive house or meet minimum standards for council approval, we’re here to help.

After receiving your plans we’ll model your home using specialised software. We pay careful attention to detail to generate accurate ratings.

We typically provide results within 1 – 3 business days from receiving final plans so that you can get on with your build.

Modelling your home allows us to learn how your home will perform throughout the year in your specific climate. As part of our assessment, we’ll provide multiple recommendations to improve your efficiency, and show you how each recommendation contributes to your star rating so you can make the most informed decision.
When appropriate, we’ll also include tips on how to reduce the cost of your build. For some house designs, high performance glass or high levels of insulation has little benefit, and we don’t want you spending unnecessary money.
Finally, we’ll provide a NatHERS Certificate, stamped drawings, and a certificate of a qualified person so you can lodge your plans with the council and get that approval.
And our service doesn’t stop there. If you have any questions throughout your build regarding thermal performance, we are here to help. If changes are made to the plans at a later date, we’re also happy to reissue a replacement NatHERS certificate for a minimum fee.

Price Guide

Small and Simple


< 61m2

Single Storey

Simple Design Features

Standard Design



Single – Double Storey

Standard Design Features

Large and Complex


> 250m2

Single – Triple Storey

Complex Design Features

Multiple Dwellings


Dual Occupancy


Property Developments

Do I Need an Assessment?

Every new build, addition, and most alterations need to satisfy energy efficiency requirements outlined in the National Construction Code. A NatHERS energy rating assesses the thermal performance of a dwelling and provides an official star rating which can be used to demonstrate compliance to the NCC and obtain council approval.

Why Choose Us?

A Tasmanian Business

  • Fully accredited and qualified
  • Independent and unbiased
  • Professional service at an affordable price
  • Scientifically based using CSIRO algorithms and data

  • Hobart based

About Us

Qualified Energy Efficiency Consultants

We are passionate about creating energy efficient homes. We have Government accreditation to assess new and existing homes and provide official star ratings that are recognised Australia wide.

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